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Small Craft Advisory Magazine Now Digital

For almost 30 years, NASBLA has published Small Craft Advisory (SCA), a magazine which was published bi-monthly on slick paper sent to your postal mailbox. However, due to recent budgetary constraints, the latest issue, Sept./Oct. 2014 is the last printed edition. SCA will continue to be produced in a digital format, and available online to any and all readers. RBS Outreach encourages all interested to sign up for the electronic version of Small Craft Advisory by going here to start automatically receiving SCA in digital format to your inbox.

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On-Water Standards for Boating Safety

The USCG has funded the development of consensus-based on-water standards for operators of powerboats, sailboats, and human powered vessels. The intent of this project is to develop a set of performance standards that can be used nationally and accepted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The U.S. Coast Guard’s intention is for this national, comprehensive system of standards to serve as a central framework for organizing information about the fundamental building blocks people can freely access and voluntarily use within their design and delivery of instruction for recreational boat operation. The system is designed to help ensure there is a coordinated and consistent platform of skills and knowledge that people throughout the country have as a result of receiving entry-level instruction in recreational boat operation. Specialists from several organizations have participated in this process. The program’s web site provides an introduction to the multi-year effort.

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WAVES Fall 2014

The newest issue of our WAVES newsletter is now online. This issue contains articles of recent boating and water safety and other significant information for PA, PE, PV and VEs to share with our boating partners and the boating public.

Articles include:

  • Induction of one of our own, COMO Dan Maxim into the Boating Safety Hall of Fame for lifetime recreational boating safety achievement.
  • Paddle Ready App from the ACA to share with paddlecraft operators in PE classes, during VEs and with marine business partners.
  • Lifejacket wear and ‘cold shock’.
  • New lifejacket labeling for easier use and understanding, and coming updates on new lifejacket designs and concepts.
  • Strategic partnerships, the importance of CG Auxiliary State Liaison Officers working with State Boating Law Administrators to promote CG Auxiliary resources, including Public Education courses in achieving state recreational boating safety programs.
  • “Why We Are Here”, the CG Auxiliary role in supporting the CG and our place as one organization working with all of recreational boating safety partner organizations.

To download the latest issue, please click and enjoy!

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American Canoe Association Introduces Paddle Ready App, SUP Video

The American Canoe Association has introduced a new smartphone application for paddlers. As the ACA explains:

Paddle Ready is a new app designed for paddlers who want to maximize their fun and safety on the water. Free on the App Store and Google Play, this app allows you to:

  • Complete a float plan and email it to your friends
  • Find an ACA Instructor near you
  • Get real-time river forecasting (surf and tidal coming soon) and general weather forecasting
  • Search for Boating Organizations and Offices in your state
  • Have Paddle Safety Checklists for various paddling environments at your fingertips
  • Use the Safety and Rescue How-to Videos to keep your knowledge current
  • And so much more…

To learn more, you can visit the app’s web site.

The ACA has also released a new educational video about stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). The video, available here, discusses general safety and the critical question of when to wear (and not to wear) a life jacket.

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WAVES Newsletter, Spring 2014

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
Spring 2014
Volume 17  ~  Issue 2
The following is a list of highlights you will find in this issue:
In our December 2013 issue of WAVES, we had a theme of planning for 2014 RBS activities. In this issue, I would like to continue with our planning theme. I would strongly encourage Flotillas across the country to start planning their recreational boating safety events for 2014. In particular, make sure that you plan marine dealer visits, boating safety courses, and vessel safety checks.
Celebrating a Century of Excellence
We honor the United States Power Squadron (USPS) as it celebrates its 100th birthday. Over the years, the USPS has been honored by five US Presidents, the Governors of all 50 States, and has more than 35,000 members across more than 400 squadrons. Their journey has been remarkable from the original founding. Congratulations, and here’s to another 100 years in boating safety.
Meet Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson serves as the Director of the National Safe Boating Council, and in this issue of WAVES, we will bring to you an important announcement on the 2014 campaign for recreational boating safety. 
Additional Articles In This Issue
  • Rescue of a kayaker in Michigan, and on a coxswains birthday.
  • Provide you with information from the 18th Annual International Boating & Water Safety Summit.
  • Cover news and updates on Marine Dealer Visits.
  • Feature highlights from the US Coast Guard Auxiliary report on the national meeting of the United States Power Squadron (USPS)
  • Discuss an On-the-Water Boat Training Simulator.
And much more…..
The Workings of GPS: How GPS Works & What To Do When It Doesn’t 
By: PO Joe Carter & LT Hermie Mendoza of the NAVCEN GPS Analysis Team
We use GPS in many areas, such as our boats, cars, hand held units used for hiking, and even on our smart phones, but have you ever wondered how GPS works? Among other factors, it involves time and basic arithmetic. This article is a must read in this issue of WAVES, and will give you a much more thorough understanding of how GPS works, and what you can do when it doesn’t.
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2014 PE and VE Workshops Now Available

The “V” department has put the new 2014 workshops for PE and VE Auxiliarists online. You can access them here.

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West Marine Coupons for 2014

West Marine, one of our boating safety partners, has issued new discount coupons for safety equipment for 2014. Vessel Examiners should carry a stock of these coupons with them to help boaters acquire any safety items they were missing during a vessel examination. A color PDF of the new coupons is here.

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Sample Newspaper Articles on Recreational Boating Safety

A series of 25 newspaper Public Affairs articles promoting Recreational Boating Safety, Public Education and the Coast Guard Auxiliary have been ‘donated’ to the RBS website and are listed in the Document Library here.

These articles have been published in local newspapers in the Augusta, GA and McCormick, SC area, but can be modified for any local area. The articles are 400 to 800 words in length, which should be acceptable for newspaper format and length. The newspaper was eager to have these informative and newsworthy articles for their boating communities. The articles have been posted to be available for copying and modification for any local area. Before publication the articles need to be approved by your FSO-PA and SO-PA.

Some of the articles were written to cover a single subject, while others were intended to be in weekly series. There are two 2-part series one which describes the Coast Guard (and subtly the Coast Guard Auxiliary) in your area, and another on Fire; the first on boating fire prevention and the second on fire response. The four-part series is on Accident Prevention (Navigation Rules simplified) covering various meeting situations and ending with not running aground. Each article then ends with the opportunity to provide flotilla or PE contact information.

If flotilla PA or PE is your interest, these articles may be of interest to you.

With thanks to John VanOsdol, DIR-Ed

Bruce Lindsey, DVC-BR

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New Grants Handbook Online

The latest edition of the Grant Handbook can be referenced from the RBS Outreach Directorate website’s “Document Library” page, and remains valid until the Spring 2014. The direct link to the PDF is here.

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New Issue of WAVES Published

The Recreational Boating Safety Outreach Directorate is pleased to present the current issue of WAVES, Watercraft and Vessel Safety newsletter. The printable PDF is here. We hope that you enjoy the information on USCG Auxiliary boating safety activities, and find the boating and water safety information helpful.

With this issue we also introduce our newly appointed WAVES editor, Branch Chief for newsletters, BC-BRN William Carter from Flotilla 12-8 in Charleston, SC. William is currently Vessel Examiner and Program Visitor qualified. We welcome William to the RBS Outreach staff, and hope that you enjoy the newsletter.

Bruce Lindsey, Chief, Communication Service Division
Recreational Boating Safety Outreach Directorate

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