About Us

Mission Statement

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary’s Recreational Boating Safety (RBS) Outreach Directorate is dedicated to promoting safe boating on U.S. waterways by improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities of recreational boaters.


The RBS Outreach Directorate is committed to an on-going reduction of boating-related accidents, deaths, and property loss through prevention.


Service – Responsiveness – Facilitate success

  • Service – Provide the products and services that Auxiliarists need
  • Responsiveness – Respond promptly and positively to the membership
  • Facilitate success – Assist members to promote boating safety so that they build a pattern of success


Directorate Director (DIR-B)
Richard Risk (Biography)

Deputy Director (DIR-Bd)
Bob Myers (Biography)

Communication Service Division

  • Division Chief Communication Service (DVC-BR): Mel Borofsky (Email)
  • Branch Chief, Editorial Services (BC-BRE): William Carter  (Email)
    • Branch Asst, Editorial Writing & Design (BA-BRED): Donald Lindberg
    • Branch Asst, Editorial Policy (BA-BREW): Alexander Gulde
  • Branch Chief, Electronic Communication (BC-BRI): Alan Dove, PhD (Email)
  • Branch Chief, Promotions (BC-BRP): Mark West
  • Branch Chief, Social Media (BC-BRS): Daniel Torok
    • Branch Asst, Social Media Analytics (BA-BRS): Dorothy Riley

Paddlecraft Safety Division

  • Division Chief, Paddlecraft Safety (DVC-BP): Don Goff, PhD (Biography)
  • Branch Chief, Paddlecraft Safety Underway (BC-BPU): Dana Kirk

Liaison Division

  • Division Chief Liaison (DVC-BL): Nan Ellen Fuller (Biography)
  • Branch Chief, Advocacy Partners (BC-BLA): William Griswold (Biography)
  • Branch Chief, Boat Owner Partners (BC-BLB): Kelly Townsend (Biography)
  • Branch Chief, Federal Partners (BC-BLF): William Key (Biography)
  • Branch Chief, Operations Partners (BC-BLO): David Fuller
  • Branch Chief, Safety Partners (BC-BLS): Clyde Bowman
  • Branch Chief, Watercraft Retailers (BC-BLW): Daniel Benny
  • Branch Chief, Youth Partners (BC-BLY): William Reisa
    • Branch Assistant, Youth Partners: Naval Sea Cadets (BA-BLYA): Bruce Johnson (Biography)
    • Branch Assistant, Youth Partners: Boy Scouts of America (BA-BLYB): Stephan Reckie (Biography)

Districts Division

  • Division Chief, Districts Liaison (DVC-BD) Pauline Longnecker (Email)
  • Branch Chief, Atlantic North (BC-BDA): Peter Bohler (Email)
  • Branch Chief, Pacific (BC-BDP): Ronnie Fritz
  • Branch Chief, Atlantic South (BC-BDS): Mary Larsen (Email)
  • Branch Chief, State Boating Law Administrator Support (BC-BDT): Thomas Venezio (Biography)
  • Branch Chief, Atlantic West (BC-BDW): Pauline Longnecker (Email)

Organizational Chart

RBS Outreach Directorate: Who Are We? (PDF slide show)