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Sample Newspaper Articles

A series of 25 newspaper Public Affairs articles promoting Recreational Boating Safety, Public Education and the Coast Guard Auxiliary have been ‘donated’ to the RBS website. They’re broken into 20 articles here – a few of them are multi-part:

  1. The Coast Guard Auxiliary
  2. The Coast Guard and Lake Thurmond (2 parts)
  3. Avoiding Collisions (4 parts)
  4. Anchoring
  5. Carbon Monoxide
  6. Crew Resource Management
  7. Docking – a Learnable Skill
  8. Fire! (2 parts)
  9. The Float Plan
  10. Hypothermia
  11. Life Jackets
  12. Navigation Lights
  13. How to Navigate
  14. Patrolling Lake Thurmond
  15. Regatta Season
  16. Safety Briefings
  17. Signals
  18. Spring Cleaning for Boats
  19. Recreational Sport Towing
  20. Weather